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Tours guided in English or Chinese departs from Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal.
Tours going suburb, such as to Mt. Fuji, Tokyo city day tours, morning half day tours each departs at 9:00 , or 9:20,afternoon half day tours each departs at 13:40,night tours each departs at18:00. Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal is located at the world trade center building annex 1st floor (ground floor), which is directly connected to the Hamamatsucho station (JR Yamanote-line, Keihintohoku-line) south exit.
It is 5 minutes walk from Daimon subway station. Check the map from here.
Furthermore, some tours guided in Chinese departs from Shinjuku Station East Exit. For details, please look up each tour's information.

You can make a reservation from this website. If the tour day or time is close by, telephone us for reservation.Please call us at 03-3435-6081 between 9:00a.m. and 8:30p.m. [For correspondence in Chinese, call 03-3435-1200 (9:00 - 18:30). (Chinese speaking staff could not always be present.)] 
Booking the tour on the very day could be available only when there are seats left in the bus.

Credit card settlement is required when making reservation from this website.
In the case of making reservation on the telephone, you could pay on the very day at the Hato Bus Counter at Hamamatsucho before you get on board your tour bus.
(However, if the participants are more than 10 people in a group, credit card settlement or bank transfer payment in advance is necessary.)
For payment, cash and credit cards are available. Certainly, you could buy and get the boarding pass when making reservation at each HATO BUS sales office.

There is a free pick-up service from major hotels in Tokyo, Tokyo station, Shinjuku station east exit (only for morning). (Reservation necessary)
For details of the pick-up destination, look up the information of the "Pick-up Service". (exclude some courses)
*No drop-off service to the hotels is available after the tours.

English or Chinese guided tours are guided by the interpreter-guide with national qualifications. During the English or Chinese guided tours, you could enjoy the tour all in English or Chinese. No worries even if it's your first time in Japan.

The guide will ask you your choice or prohibits about your meal when joining the tour on the day if the tour includes meals. The meal should be safe even for the vegetarians or guests who have regulation in foods by religion or else in the tour. (However, the choices of the meal would be different in each tour.)

You could breakaway at any time when you are off the bus in each course, but do tell the guide when you are breaking away. Even if you breakaway in the middle of the tour, the full payment of the tour would be charged. No refunds for the part you didn't joined.

Tours going around the Tokyo city departing from Hamamatsucho bus terminal and tours going to Mt. Fuji guided in English would end Hamamatsucho bus terminal or near Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit. (Expect Cityrama Morning tour which ends at Yurakucho.)
Where the bus stops would change in case of the traffic situation. Arranging the meeting place before joining the tour is recommended, in the case of picking up guests in the tour or to be picked up after the tour.
However, tours going to Mt. Fuji or Hakone guided in Chinese departing from Hamamatsucho bus terminal will go through Shinjuku Station West Exit before ending at Tokyo Station. For those tours, disbanding at Shinjuku Station is available. (Changes may happen in spite of the traffic condition)

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For inquiry, please contact :

Hato Bus English reservation center (Daily operation )

TEL: +81- (3)-3435-6081(09:00-18:30) 

Emergency call  +81-(3)-3435-6084 (07:00-09:00 only)                     

E-mail : reserve@hatobus.co.jp